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Is your current siding showing signs of staining, uneven weathering, buckling or decay? Despite its importance, siding is often a neglected feature on homes.

Now is the time to assess your siding!

Accessories like soffit, corner posts and window trim are installed at the same time as siding. These are considered your primary accent points and give you an opportunity to use color to create visual interest. Decorative millwork like window and door mantels, molding, and other architectural elements are considered secondary trim pieces and can be used to add another color to your home’s exterior. Shutters, doors, shakes and scallops can be used to add visual interest to your home’s exterior. Since these elements are usually accents and do not play a prominent role in your home’s overall exterior, you can be a little more experimental when choosing color. Consider using an accent color in a bold, rich shade to highlight these elements.

Most people think when they purchase vinyl siding that maintenance freedom and a new look on their home are the two biggest benefits. With the high cost of heating oil and natural gas at an all time high and rising almost on a daily basis, the wall insulation we can install under the vinyl siding can literally save a homeowner up to 25% of their current heation and air conditioning cost. It is no exaggeration to say that the application of a good wall insulation will pay for the siding job over a period of time. We provide different types of insulation based on the customer’s needs.

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